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Positive Advertising offers an independent strategic marketing service; a partner to advise and integrate all your online and offline marketing channels. Traditional advertising and PR are still essential, but fast and responsive online marketing, social media, pay-per-click, SEO and e-marketing are also vital to maintain a vibrant relationship with clients and prospects. The skill lies in the blending of traditional and new online marketing and social media to deliver results.



If you think that traditional advertising is expensive and so very last century then ask yourself - why do the big boys continue to devote so much of their marketing effort and budgets to it. Quite simply it works. Read More

It maintains vital brand and product awareness in a shouty and overcrowded marketplace. Advertising builds a set of expectations – values, trust, desirability; what we call ‘brand promises’. Deciding how much marketing share you should devote to advertising requires a skilled partner – one who understands the market, the appropriate media and has the contacts to put your key messages in front of the right people at the right time. Read Less

Web Design

Web Design.

Great websites are about more than design, functionality, navigation, usability and good content. They are about creating a powerful communications and marketing tool; one as closely matched to your business and customer needs as possible. Read More

Payment gateways and individually customised back office systems put power and control of the web in your hands. In an increasingly mobile world people expect to access information on the move. Conventional websites are difficult to use on hand held devises, so it is essential to create mobile-friendly sites that work across all major smartphone platforms. Read Less

Brand identity

Brand Identity.

Maybe you think you don’t have a brand and, anyway, it’s not making any promises – but you do and it is. Any marketed product or service is making a promise in return for cash – that’s the basis of all business. Read More

A brand identity is not just a logo, it is the perception generated by every contact you have with customers. Positive Advertising can examine your brand promises and suggest areas for delivery improvement. That’s not just your visual identity; we independently test every aspect of your business. If you’re not delivering on your brand promise we’ll know all about it and, soon after, so will you. Read Less

Public Relations

Public Relations.

You can’t choose whether or not you want public relations - it happens whenever you communicate with others. With an active and effective PR strategy, you can build strong relationships and maintain a sound reputation at all times, and in all circumstances. Read More

Whether your customers, suppliers, employees and regulators choose to buy your product or service, or to be associated with you depends on your reputation. Public relations helps to build reputation and can safeguard you, through ‘crisis management’ of any untoward events, to deliver a competitive edge. Positive Advertising can provide the PR service you need with regular feedback, updates and reports. Read Less

Paid Search

Paid Search.

Google Adwords, a Pay Per Click (PPC) medium, is the most widely used online advertising service available. Adwords ads are created containing specific, researched, keywords. Read More

Anyone searching using any of these keywords will activate the clickable ad, which leads to a specific web page or dedicated landing page specifically for that Google ad. Further refinement allows the setting of daily budget and maximum cost per click (CPC) to control costs. The skill in creating a successful Adwords campaign is to balance the highest page ranking (appearance on Google) with the lowest CPC to make the most of your daily budget. Read Less



The web is a fast changing environment, one that needs periodic review to ensure that a website is utilising its full potential. Search Engine Optimisation considers how search engines work, the actual search keywords typed into search engines and the search engines preferred by their targeted audience. Read More

Many factors can influence performance on user-instigated organic searches – from back linking, keyword strategy, title tags and many other factors. Securing a high Google ranking, using legal ‘white hat’ practices only, takes experience and knowledge. Read Less

“Positive were a pleasure to work with. They gave my brand real meaning and an identity that finally matched the quality of my products”

Will Boon - Landowner

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Positive Advertising (Shrewsbury) Ltd is an independent company operating out of a single site from offices opposite the historic Shrewsbury Abbey. The agency has evolved to meet the challenges posed by modern marketing by investing heavily in creativity (traditional and online) and by offering a brand consultancy service.

Our flexible business model allows us to bring the best staff and service providers together in order to deliver an individual service, according to our clients’ needs. Our client sectors include automotive, health insurance, holiday & leisure, NHS, agriculture, building and civil engineering supplies.

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Our Partners

Webcraft is a software development house based in Malta. It serves corporate customers around the world with web-based software solutions and smart software tools, particularly cloud-based business applications. Services include website development, eCommerce, customer relationship management, messaging, and mobile web applications, which extend business functionality to mobile devices.

Webcraft’s unique WorkSpace™ cloud platform develops, deploys and runs software solutions of any size and complexity on the web. Customers enjoy a lightweight software experience that relieves them from all technical issues allowing them to focus on their core business.

Shotgun Front is a fully integrated brand communications agency

Brands of all sizes utilise our broad, integrated range of strategic, technical and creative skills to multiply their efforts, engage with their audience and measure actionable results across platforms and channels.

Our cross-over between disciplines also gives ad-agencies the capability of outsourcing their production smoothly and efficiently to maximise their time spent generating results and servicing client accounts.

AccuraCast specialise in helping clients optimise (SEO) their websites to rise to the top of the organic search engine rankings, draw in buyers using cost-effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and use social media and mobile marketing to build strong brands, loyal customers and healthy sales. When it comes to SEO, PPC and social media marketing, AccuraCast is an acknowledged market leader. AccuraCast is a long-established agency with a reputation for being innovative and creative while delivering proven results and impressive return on investment.

Moving are a highly creative agency specialising in 2D / 3D image making, branding and motion design. Focusing on clear communication and strong visual solutions Moving work across a broad range of media for regional, national and global clients.

Our Clients


“Positive Advertising is an insightful and strategic team. Its team effectively challenged our thinking around specific projects and I would recommend Positive Advertising to any organisation that is making strategic marketing decisions to achieve their objectives.”

Mathew James — formerly of Shropshire County Primary Care NHS Trust.

JT Hughes

“We have used Positive Advertising services for over 20 years and that is a reflection on the outstanding output of their creative and service. In the highly competitive automotive industry, they move quickly on the opportunities and issues in our business and always put together a comprehensive marketing plan. Their high-energy and marketing skills allow them to present to us a completely different way of looking at our commoditised market, and still be competitive. We continue to be pleased with their results and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Paul Tench — Group Sales and Marketing Director, JT Hughes


“I can definitely recommend Positive Advertising to any organisation who require multi media platform marketing. Their creative team are often demanding and opinionated, and whilst they do not always get it right, we have had more effective marketing campaigns than not. Our marketing team really enjoy working with Positive Advertising and they're a valuable marketing services provider to our organisation.”

Mark Bebb — Managing Director, Salop Leisure Limited

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